Tracking My Site Traffic : How to Analyze for Blog Optimization

This blog is not so big that I should attempt to consider analyzing web trends based on my site statistics. I came across several important indicators of my traffic so it is my humble effort to share them with you. We all have some site traffic tracker to check for how many visitors we get everyday and what is the trend. Other tracking indicators help you to fix your site for better optimization.

I use Extreme Tracking for quite some time and I have found it invaluable since. These statistics are based on 40000+ visits over last 4 months. I will stick to the percentages rather than actual values which will make more sense.
Top 10 Countries from where my traffic comes
United States - 51.91%
United Kingdom - 7.27%
Canada - 6.28%
Germany - 3.36%
Netherlands - 3.11%
France - 2.53%
India - 2.52%
Australia - 2.40%
Spain - 1.82%
Japan - 1.75%
That tells me that >50% of my traffic comes from the United States, that is where I need to keep my content focussed. Or is it because there are more internet users in USA?
Traffic By Continent
North America - 58.49%
Europe - 26.33%
Asia - 10.33%
Oceania - 2.82%
South America - 1.50%
Africa - 0.34%
Central America - 0.13%
Same here, North America is where they come from .... keep focussed. No use posting too much about Africa as not much focussed traffic will come from there.
The 10 top favourite browsers of my surfers
Firefox 1.x - 60.04%
MSIE 6 - 22.36%
Safari - 7.40%
Firefox 0.x - 3.04%
Mozilla 1.x - 2.53%
Opera 7 - 1.37%
MSIE 5 - 0.84%
Opera 8 - 0.64%
Netscape 7 - 0.44%
AOL 9 - 0.28%
Mozilla/Gecko Core - 66.14%
MSIE Core - 23.55%
Other Browsers - 7.85%
Opera - 2.03%
Netscape - 0.29%
There seems to be no doubt that Firefox is spreading closing on 50 million downloads. Since >60% of my traffic comes from Firefox, I have to ensure the site is optimized to work on Firefox first and then check if it works on Internet explorer. This also shows that Firefox users are more aware of the versions since 60% use Firefox 1+ while only 3% were lagging with older versions of Firefox 0.x
Opera seems to dissapoint with only about 2% surfers using it to surf my blog. Maybe Opera 8 will pick up users after the CEO's splashing start.
The top 3 System on Computers
Windows - 79.47%
Apple - 13.45%
Linux/Unix - 6.50%
Get and distibute more tips on Windows as that is what your readers will be more interested in. But dont forget to eat the Apple too!
What about Java*?
Javascript Enabled 98.20%
Java Enabled 82.91%
Having Javascript enabled browser lets readers see those Google Adsense ads which keep your blog running, pops bookmarking and 'Add to Kinja' scripts which keep users find your site after a year and keeps those jumping icons and funny images hopping. Since many sites like web based email require java and javascript for working, it is not surprising to see it enabled. I am happy to see >98% surfers can see things moving in this blog. I still wonder how many modify the web by Greasemonkey et al.
Screen Colors
32 Bit (16.7M) - 78.43%
16 Bit (65K) - 12.02%
24 Bit (16.7M) - 7.59%
8 Bit (256) - 0.15%
Just remember to stick to web safe colors if you want that pearl lavander color to show as it is ...and now we are shifting to the new 64 bit versions soon...
Screen Resolutions
1024x768 - 44.95%
1280x1024 - 28.66%
Other - 9.66%
800x600 - 6.00%
1152x864 - 5.56%
1600x1200 - 5.09%
640x480 - 0.08%
Most blogs are configured to show well on the 800x600 screen. 640x480 with less than 1% seems low enough and sites need not be optimized for that resolution. Most users use large screens with 1024x768 being the commonest. Even if your site is not optimized for 800x600 which contibutes a mere 6%, it does not matter much, but it should definitely be optimized for 1024x768 screen resolution. Around 10% other resolutions, what are people trying to customize?

I hope that was useful and you will see your site tracker with more enthusiasm. Your comments are welcome.
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