5 Power Tips for Bloglines RSS Aggregator Users

Chances are you also use Bloglines as your rss aggregator and rss reader. Here are a few tips and features for using Bloglines more effectively

1. Show only updated feeds - This is useful as I have many subscribed rss feeds and some update daily, some after a week and so on. This option allows me to see only the recently updated feeds and reduces the clutter on the left frame. If you go to My Feeds | Options - you will see a checkbox option to use Subscription Display: Show only updated feeds. Edit options here.

2. Bloglines Easy Subscribe Bookmarklet - helps to subscribe to a blog from anywhere with the Bloglines Subscribe button. Get it here

3. Bloglines Notifiers - Want to automatically be notified when your Bloglines account has new items to read? This makes it easy to be notified when your subscriptions have new items. Get Notifier

4. Use Hotkeys / Keywords - j - next article k - previous article s - next sub f - next folder A - read all r - refresh left panel. Enables fast usage and browsing of posts

'Keep New' or 'Clip/Blog This' - This helps to save articles for reading or blogging later. Clippings allow you to save particular articles for later review. Very useful for bloggers.

Rojo and Google Reader are the new rss aggregators gaining popularity. Read how to export Bloglines feeds to Google Reader.
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